Find answers to common questions that may arise while you prepare your submission. If your question is not addressed here, or by carefully reviewing the Tutorial Submissions page, please contact the Tutorials Committee.

What are the expectations of tutorial presentations at SC?

Tutorial abstracts must clearly describe the tutorial content (including, where applicable, hands-on elements), what will be taught, and how. The tutorial presentation at SC is expected to closely follow the proposed content and hands-on exercises. Tutorial presenters are expected to deliver professional presentations and to treat tutorial attendees with respect. Each tutorial will be evaluated in detail by attendees after the session, and these evaluations will play a crucial role in the evaluation of future-year tutorial submissions.

Can I make changes to my tutorial materials after I have submitted them?

Tutorial presenters are generally expected to use the material submitted, with no changes. Minor extensions may be granted to enable a presenter to include more timely material, or to comply with conditions beyond the presenter’s control (e.g., new decisions adopted by standards bodies). In such cases, the submitted material should be as close to a final version as possible, and clearly indicate where changes are anticipated.

Is the peer-review process double-blind?

No. Reviewers have access to the names of tutorial submitters. While Tutorials Committee members are named on the Planning Committee page of the conference website, the names of the individuals reviewing each proposal are not made available to the authors.

Will tutorial materials be provided on a USB?

No. Tutorial materials will be available for download in a password-protected repository.

Are vendors allowed to submit tutorials focused specifically on their products?

No. Commercial products are not appropriate subject matter for the SC Tutorials program. Proprietary product discussions belong in the Exhibitor Forum, or as a parallel activity outside the conference by the vendor. 

If the tutorials schedule results in the “double-booking” of one of our presenters, can our tutorials be rescheduled to avoid this?

Occasionally, an individual may be presenting in multiple tutorials. We consider and accommodate this as much as possible when scheduling tutorials. However, ultimately some conflicts are unresolvable. You should consult and strategize with your (potential) co-presenters regarding their participation in other tutorial submissions to anticipate any possible overlap and to help to alleviate this challenge.

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