Posters offer an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral students, and researchers to present their work and get early feedback from your peers in the community. Posters consists of four different tracks for submissions based on the content type and student status.

ACM Student Research Competition

SC hosts the ACM Student Research Competition, an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to showcase original research.

Research Posters

SC’s Research Posters program provides a venue for researchers in industry, academia (including students), and government to present cutting-edge research ideas and late-breaking results.

Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase

SC’s Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase provides a venue for sharing the most instrumental videos in expressing the latest in HPC.

Doctoral Showcase

SC’s Doctoral Showcase provides a venue for students nearing completion of a doctoral program to present a summary of their dissertation research through a poster and a talk.

Which Poster Track?

Review the flow chart below to discover which track is best for your poster.

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