Encouraging a Return to In-Person Presentations

SC is built by our community, for our community. After reviewing last year’s conference experience and studying the results from the attendee survey, we encourage in-person presentations to bring our community together in an annual meeting that is both powerful and meaningful. 

Content Type Encouraged In-Person Guidance
PaperPerson presenting the paper (also see Note 1 below)
WorkshopAt least one workshop organizer (also see Note 2 below)
TutorialAll tutorial presenters
PanelPanel moderator OR at least one panelist
BoFAt least one BoF organizer
PosterPerson presenting the poster
Invited TalkPerson presenting the talk

Note 1: For an accepted paper to be included in the proceedings, the author has to either present the paper at the conference (in-person live or remote live), or submit a pre-recorded video by the Final Materials Due deadline (September 30, 2022).

Note 2: It is encouraged that all workshop content (i.e., papers, panels) follow the same in-person guidance listed above.


If you have questions regarding this new guidance, please do not hesitate to contact the SC22 Technical Program Chairs.


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