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TimeWednesday, 16 November 202210am - 3pm CST
Machine Learning, Software Engineering and Hardware Engineering Roles @ SambaNova Systems
HPC Systems Scientist
Research Scientist – Computational Fluid Dynamics on Exascale Architectures
Hpc Hardware Engineer
Software Intern for Enterprise IOT and Data Science
Hpc Simulation Developer
Software Engineers (f/m/d) in High Performance Computing
Postdoctoral Appointee - AI for Science
HPC Software Engineer, Machine Learning (AI) Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist
Intern - Computer Science Research Institute (CSRI) - R&D Graduate Summer
Postdoctoral Appointee - High-Performance Computing System and AI for X-Ray Science
Quantum Computing Postdoctoral Scholars
Software Engineer/Computer Scientist Scalable HPC
Computational Scientist (m/f/d) for AI and Data-Driven Applications in High-Performance Computing
Postdoc for Visualization for Scientific Machine Learning
C++/Java Engineer
Postdoctoral Fellow: ML for autonomous materials discovery
Computational Materials Science Postdoctoral Fellow
Computational Project Scientist
Senior Full Stack Software Engineer (Remote Friendly)
Postdoctoral Scholar
HPC Postdoctoral Researcher
HPC Architecture and Performance Engineer
Quantum Algorithms Postdoctoral Fellows
HPC System
HPC Storage Systems Developer
Sr. Systems Engineer-EXAScaler
Full Stack Software Engineer (Remote Friendly)
NESAP for Simulations Postdoctoral Fellow
HPC Simulation Engineer
Machine Learning Postdoctoral Fellow
Software Systems Engineer
Quantum Computing Postdoctoral Scholar
Post-Moore Microelectronics/VLSI Co-Design Postdoctoral Scholar
Full Stack Software Engineer (Remote Friendly)
Scientific Data Architect
Machine Learning Postdoctoral Fellow
HPC/AI Engineer
Student Assistant (Multiple Openings and Projects)
Hardware and C++ Engineer
Account Executive-Higher Education & Research
Quantum Algorithms Postdoctoral Fellow
Federal Sales Engineer
Computational Science/Applied Mathematics Postdoctoral Scholar
Postdoctoral Fellow in Supercomputing Performance
Director, Channel Sales - NA
Computational Cosmology Postdoctoral Scholar
Algorithm/Architecture Research Scientist
Computational Cosmology Center Group Lead
Quantums Computing Postdoctoral Scholar
Senior Software Engineer – HPC, Storage and Distributed File Systems
Security/Systems Postdoctoral Scholar
Security Engineer
Computational Science Postdoctoral Scholar
HPC Storage Systems Analyst
Postdoc - Quantum Sensing
UI Developer
Machine Learning Postdoctoral Fellow - 96992
Post Baccalaureate Fellow
Machine Learning Postdoctoral Fellow
HPC Systems Software Engineer
Security Engineer
Computer Science Postdoctoral Scholar
Associate Director of Integrated Cyberinfrastructure
Quantum Information Science Program Manager
Computational Chemistry Postdoctoral Researcher
HPC Storage Analyst
HPC Storage Infrastructure Engineer
Senior DevOps Engineer
HPC Engineer, System Acceptance and User Environment (Early Career)
Software Intern (FaST)
Postdoc Researcher in Machine Learning
Software Intern
Research Software Engineer, CMS
Research Engineer
Algo Internship
Algorithm Engineering Intern (RAPID)
Software Development Manager
ML Engineering Intern
Software Engineering Internship
Research Scientist, Quantum Information Sciences
Software Engineering Intern (SensArray)
Computer Vision/Machine Learning Intern
Algorithm Engineering Intern (FaST)
Advanced Development Intern
Electrical Design Engineer (Analog)
Algorithm Engineering Intern
System Software Intern
Software and Algorithms Intern
Postdoctoral Research Associate Machine Learning
Research Scientist
Electrical Engineering Manager
HPC Engineer, User Assistance (Early Career)
Machine Learning Engineer
Group Leader, Data Intensive Computing Engineer
Software Intern (EBeam)
Research Scientist Intern
Technical Support Engineer - Level 1
Electronic and Algorithm Researcher (FPGA Firmware)
Computer Scientist
Technical Support Engineer - Level 2
Computer Programmer – Linked Data, Cybersecurity, HPC
Sr Software Engineer, HPC ( C++ | Linux )
HPC Software Engineer (BBP)
HPC Software Engineer
Senior Data Scientist
HPC Systems Administrator
Research Project Analyst
Research Software Developer
Research Data Architect
Post-Doc Research Associate
Deputy Director
Assistant Director of Analytics and Data Science
Research Aerospace Technologist - Fluid Mechanics
Research Aerospace Technologist - Computational Scientist
Research Aerospace Technologist - Fluid Dynamics
System Administrator - HPC and Data Analytics Testbeds
Research Scientist, HPC and AI
HPC Support Engineer
Full Stack Software Developer
Lead Full Stack Software Developer
Director, Artificial Intelligence Programs
Software architect (Remote US / Canada)
HPC Automation Engineer
Virtual Office/Business Manager
Security Engineer
Marketing and Sales Executive
IT Problem Management
Microsoft 365 Cloud Administrator / Engineer
SharePoint and Power Apps Developer
SharePoint Administrator
Software Engineer (Cloud Infrastructure)
Data Science Workflows Architect
Software Engineer
Web and System Administrator
Postdoctoral Fellow in High Performance Computing and Graph Analytics at Indiana University
HTC Hardware Specialist
HPC Data Management Postdoctoral Researcher
Computational Scientist
Storage Hardware Lead
HPC-HTC Software Specialist
Research Computing Systems Specialist
Data Management Research Scientist
Scientific Researcher for System Software and Application Performance Optimization (m/f/d)
Research Data Facilitator
Lead Computational Scientist, Aerospace and Defense Applications
Software Engineer – Position #244663
Senior Software Engineer – Position #247012
Data Solutions Architect
HPC Systems Software Senior Researcher (f/m/d) for HPC-Quantum Hybrid Software Stack
CRNCH/TSO Research Technologist
AI Solutions Architect
HPC Systems Software Engineer (f/m/d) for HPC-Quantum Hybrid Software Stack
HPC Systems Software Researcher (f/m/d) for HPC-Quantum Hybrid Software Stack
Sr Software Engineer (Raptor Simulation)
Lead Software Engineer
Scientific Research Assistant (m/f/d)
Sr. Propulsion Software Engineer (combustion Modeling)
Systems/IT Architect Lead
Grant / Technical Project Manager, Quantum Program (f/m/d)
HPC Computational Science Intern
HPC Computational Scientist, Workflow Architect, Scientific Programmer, HPC Systems Architect
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