Workshop: RSDHA: Redefining Scalability for Diversely Heterogeneous Architectures
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20228:30am - 12pm CST
DescriptionRecent trends toward the end of Dennard scaling and Moore's law makes the current and upcoming computing systems more specialized and complex, consisting of more complex and heterogeneous architectures in terms of processors, memory hierarchies, on-chip-interconnection networks, storage, etc. This trend materialized in the mobile and embedded market, and it is entering the enterprise, cloud computing, and high performance computing markets.

The proposed workshop will provide a timely and unique venue for researchers and engineers in both scalable and heterogeneous computing domains to gather together and discuss 1) the latest ideas and lessons learned from the previous experience on traditional and heterogeneity-based scaling in their own domains and 2) possible synergistic approaches and interaction between the two domains to find a good balance between programmability and performance portability across diverse ranges of heterogeneous architectures used in embedded systems and HPC.

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