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TimeThursday, 17 November 20228:30am - 5pm CST
Scalable GPU Accelerated Simulation of Multiphase Compressible Flow
Exploring Performance of GeoCAT data analysis routines on GPUs
Noncommittal Commits: Predicting Performance Slowdowns in Version Control History
Modeling Allocation of Heterogeneous Storage Resources on HPC Systems
Performance of OpenMP Loop Transformations for the Acoustic Wave Stencil on GPUs
KokkACC: Enhancing Kokkos with OpenACC
Novel Multi Data Acquisition and Hybrid Neural Network for Pipe Inspection and Imaging
An Approach for Large-Scale Distributed FFT Framework on GPUs
Distributed Deep Learning on HPC for Infilling Holes in Spatial Precipitation Data
Extreme-Scale Computational Fluid Dynamics with AMR on GPUs
Using Umpire’s Coalescing Heuristics to Improve Memory Performance
A Holistic View of Memory Utilization on Perlmutter
Low-Precision Multi-GPU Detection Approach for Massive MIMO Technology
Learning to Parallelize Source Code via OpenMP with Transformers
Analyzing NOvA Neutrino Data with the Perlmutter Supercomputer
High-Resolution Simulation of Earthquake Recurrence Enabled by Optimization for Multi-Core CPUs and Large-Scale Parallelization
Artificial Intelligence Reconstructs Missing Climate Information
Case Study for Performance-Portability of Lattice Boltzmann Kernels
A Light-Weight and Unsupervised Method for Near Real-time Anomaly Detection Using Operational Data Measurement
Tensor Processing Primitives in the Computational Sciences: Earthquake Simulations
Interactive Visual Analysis Tool for Anomaly Provenance Data
Parallel Computing Accelerates Sequential Deep Networks Model in Turbulent Flow Forecasting
Self Supervised Solution for Analysis of Molecular Dynamics Simulations In Situ
Exploring FPGA Acceleration of Seed Selection in Influence Maximization
Transformations for Energy Efficient Accelerated Chain Matrix Multiplication (TEE-ACM2)
Agile Acceleration of LLVM Flang Support for Fortran 2018 Parallel Programming
Improvements to Hardware-Accelerated 3D Single Particle Imaging Data Reconstruction
Analysis and Visualization of Important Performance Counters to Enhance Interpretability of Autotuner Output
A C++20 Interface for MPI 4.0
New Accelerated Mixed-Precision Parallel Algorithms for Hermitian Eigenvalue Problem
Parameterized Radix-r Bruck Algorithm for All-to-All Communication
VkFFT – Vulkan/CUDA/HIP/OpenCL/Level Zero GPU FFT Library
SOLLVE Verification and Validation OpenMP Testsuite
Predicting Cross-Platform Relative Performance with Deep Generative Models
Traffic Flow Optimization in Smart Cities: Leveraging HPC Resources for Automatic Design Space Exploration
xDSL: A Common Compiler Ecosystem for Domain Specific Languages
Efficient Sparse Deep Neural Network Computation on GPU with TVM
Leveraging Stencil Computation Performance with Temporal Blocking Using Large Cache Capacity on AMD EPYC 7003 Processors with AMD 3D V-Cache Technology
Accelerated COVID-19 CT Image Enhancement via Sparse Tensor Cores
CGYRO Performance on Slingshot-Connected Perlmutter GPU nodes
Toward Scalable Voxelization of Meshes with High Growth Rate
Supporting Efficient Workflow Deployment of Federated Learning Systems on the Computing Continuum
PowerMan: Online Power Capping by Computationally Informed Machine Learning
Statistical and Causal Analysis of Chimbuko Provenance Database
PDTgcomp: Compilation Framework for Data Transformation Kernels on GPU
Live Containerized Service Migration Across Edge to Cloud Continuum
A Multifaceted Approach to Automated I/O Bottleneck Detection for HPC Workloads
Custom 8-bit Floating Point Value Format for Reducing Shared Memory Bank Conflict in Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
Debris Pose Estimation Using Deep Learning on FPGA
CANDY: An Efficient Framework for Updating Properties on Large Scale Dynamic Networks
Visual Analysis on the Resilience of HPC Applications Using Control-Flow Graph
Self-Supervised Learning for Automated Species Detection from Passively Recorded Soundscapes in Avian Diversity Monitoring
Modeling Supraventricular Tachycardia Using Dynamic Computer-Generated Left Atrium
Loimos: A Large-Scale Epidemic Simulation Framework for Realistic Social Contact Networks
A Bayesian Optimization-Assisted, High-Performance Simulator for Modeling RF Accelerator Cavities
CLIP-ACQUA: CLIP Autoencoder-Based Classic-Quantum Latent Space Reduction
Enabling Energy Systems Research on HPC
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