We Rely on Volunteers and Contributors

SCinet happens thanks to individual volunteers giving their time, and HPC-related companies or institutions contributing materials and services. Interested in participating in SCinet? Excellent. Here’s how to get involved on a volunteer or contributor basis.

Contributor Brochure

Volunteer with SCinet

As a volunteer, you’ll join more than 180 professionals from around the globe working together to design, deliver, install, and operate SCinet at SC. Our team members come from educational institutions, government agencies, high performance computing sites, research and education networks, equipment vendors, and telecommunications carriers.

Learn more about the SCinet teams that collaborate behind the scenes to build and operate the network. Contact SCinet to inquire about getting involved, or check out the opportunities for Student Volunteers and Women in IT Networking at SC (WINS).

SCinet Contributor Program

As a SCinet contributor, your organization participates by donating equipment, software, or services needed to build and support the network each year for the conference. Additionally, organizations participating in the SCinet Contributor Program have the opportunity to showcase the capabilities of new hardware, software, and services

We invite new and returning contributors to participate in SCinet. The network design for SCinet begins taking shape in March and is finalized in July.

Contributors can support SCinet in several ways:

  • Donate hardware, software, and/or services needed to build SCinet
  • Provide logo-branded shirts for all members of the SCinet team to wear during the conference
  • Donate to the Volunteer Travel Support Fund

In recognition of the critical role contributors play in planning and operating SCinet, the SCinet Contributor Program aims to secure and strengthen partnerships with industry and nonprofit organizations. The program also strives to increase the visibility of contributors who support the innovative and cutting-edge technologies displayed each year at SC.

Other benefits of becoming a SCinet contributor (depending on contribution level*):

  • Opportunity to showcase the capabilities of your new – sometimes pre-production – hardware, software, and other services
  • Logo displayed and name mentioned during the Keynote Address
  • Complimentary booth network connection and exhibitor staff badges
  • Recognition via prominent display of company logo on the SCinet Network Operations Center overhead banner, display panels, SCinet Partner Highlights display, and on this webpage
  • Customized wall panel on the SCinet network operations center
  • Press release coordination
  • Assistance with exhibitor booth selection

*Contribution levels and associated benefits are based on the value of equipment, software, services, and donated time provided in support of SCinet and the SC Conference.

Important Dates

October 20–28, 2022 – SCinet Staging
November 7–13, 2022 – SCinet Setup
November 13–18, 2022 – SC21 Conference
November 18–19, 2022 – SCinet Teardown

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