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Exploiting In-Constraint Energy in Constrained Variational Quantum Optimization

Workshop: Third International Workshop on Quantum Computing Software

Authors: Tianyi Hao (Argonne National Laboratory (ANL); University of Wisconsin, Madison); Ruslan Shaydulin and Marco Pistoia (JPMorgan Chase); and Jeffrey Larson (Argonne National Laboratory (ANL))

Abstract: A central challenge of applying near-term quantum optimization algorithms to industrially relevant problems is the need to incorporate complex constraints. In general, such constraints cannot be easily encoded in the circuit, and the quantum circuit measurement outcomes are not guaranteed to respect the constraints. Therefore, the optimization must trade off the in-constraint probability and the quality of the in-constraint solution by adding a penalty for constraint violation into the objective. We propose a new approach for solving constrained optimization problems with unconstrained, easy-to-implement quantum ansätze. Our method leverages the in-constraint energy as the objective and adds a lower-bound constraint on the in-constraint probability to the optimizer. We demonstrate significant gains in solution quality over directly optimizing the penalized energy. We implement our method in QVoice, a Python package that interfaces with Qiskit for quick prototyping in simulators and on quantum hardware.

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