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ECP SOLLVE: Validation and Verification Testsuite Status Update and Compiler Insights for OpenMP

Workshop: 2022 International Workshop on Performance Portability and Productivity (P3HPC)

Authors: Thomas Huber (University of Delaware, Brookhaven National Laboratory); Swaroop Pophale (Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)); Nolan Baker, Michael Carr, Nikhil Rao, Jaydon Reap, and Kristina Holsapple (University of Delaware); Joshua Hoke Davis (University of Maryland); Tobias Burnus (Siemens Electronic Design Automation); Seyong Lee and David E. Bernholdt (Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)); and Sunita Chandrasekaran (University of Delaware, Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Abstract: The OpenMP language continues to evolve with every new specification release, as does the need to validate and verify the new features that have been introduced. With the release of OpenMP 5.0 and OpenMP 5.1, plenty of new target offload and host-based features have been introduced to the programming model. While OpenMP continues to grow in maturity, there is an observable growth in the number of compiler and hardware vendors that support OpenMP. We focus on evaluating the conformity and implementation progress of various compiler vendors such as Cray, IBM, GNU, Clang/LLVM, NVIDIA, and Intel. We specifically address the 4.5, 5.0, and 5.1 versions of the specification.

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