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Toward a Methodology for Building Dynamic Urgent Applications on Continuum Computing Platforms

Workshop: First Combined International Workshop on Interactive Urgent Supercomputing

Authors: Daniel Balouek-Thomert (University of Utah, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute (SCI)); Eddy Caron (ENS Lyon); Laurent Lefevre (French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA)); and Manish Parashar (University of Utah)

Abstract: The objective of cyberinfrastructures is to make the use of streaming data a common practice in the scientific community by integrating knowledge obtained from a range of data sources with large-scale computer models. However, the ability to determine what, where, and how data is gathered and processed along the edge-to-cloud/HPC computing continuum is limited by the lack of abstractions that can support data-driven reactive behaviors. This creates a difficulty for integrating this heterogeneous data with time-sensitive systems that tackle global challenges.In this paper, we present a methodology for incorporating contextual information into the application logic while taking into consideration the heterogeneity of the underlying platform and the unpredictability of the data. An example of a fire science scenario spanning numerous states serves as the driver for our discussion of research issues in resource management and programming models.

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