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Accelerated Workflow for Advanced Kinetic Equilibria

Workshop: First Combined International Workshop on Interactive Urgent Supercomputing

Authors: Torrin Bechtel (General Atomics)

Abstract: Kinetic equilibria are a fundamental aspect of tokamak plasma analysis, but are often highly specialized and labor intensive to produce. This has become a bottleneck to both deeper physics understandings and more sophisticated experiment controls. This project aims to remove these barriers by developing a rapid, fully-automated workflow to produce better-than-human, high-precision whole-discharge kinetic equilibria. The required elements in this workflow now exist separately, but what is missing is the coupling of different aspects and overall performance optimization. We have designed this workflow for the DIII-D national fusion facility with the goal of producing results quickly enough to be used for experiment planning in the 15-20 minute time window between subsequent discharges. The results will also be stored in a database for follow-up analysis and as the foundation for AI/ML surrogate models. Initial results suggest that it may be possible to achieve our goal within a target 10 minute window.

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