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Traffic Flow Optimization in Smart Cities: Leveraging HPC Resources for Automatic Design Space Exploration

Authors: Martin Šurkovský, Jakub Beránek, Kateřina Slaninová, and Jan Martinovič (IT4Innovations, Czech Republic) and Radim Cmar (Sygic, Slovak Republic)

Abstract: The poster presents the usage of a deterministic traffic simulator for optimizing traffic flow within a city. The simulator is one part of a traffic modeling framework for intelligent transportation in smart cities. In contrast to standard navigation systems where the navigation is optimized for drivers, we aim to optimize a distribution of the global traffic flow. We utilize HPC resources for the simulator’s parameters exploration for which EVEREST SDK is used.

The EVEREST project aims at developing a holistic design environment that addresses simplifying the programmability of heterogeneous and distributed architectures for Big Data applications. The project uses “data-driven” design approach with domain-specific language extensions, hardware-accelerated AI and an efficient monitoring of the execution with a unified hardware/software paradigm. During the presentation the distribution of traffic flow in a selected city will be presented in a form of short video to demonstrate the dynamicity of the system.

Best Poster Finalist (BP): no

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