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Visual Analysis on the Resilience of HPC Applications Using Control-Flow Graph

Authors: Hailong Jiang (Kent State University); Shaolun Ruan (Singapore Management University); Bo Fang, Kevin Barker, and Ang Li (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)); Yong Wang (Singapore Management University); and Qiang Guan (Kent State University)

Abstract: A large body of approaches has been proposed to analyze the resilience of HPC applications. However, existing studies rarely address the challenges of the analysis result perception. Specifically, resilience analysis techniques produce a massive volume of unstructured data, making it difficult to conduct the resilience analysis. Furthermore, different analysis models produce diverse results with multiple levels of details, which creates hurdles to compare and explore the resilience of HPC program execution. To this end, we present VISILIENCE, an interactive VISual resILIENCE analysis framework to allow programmers to facilitate the resilience analysis of HPC applications. In particular, VISILIENCE leverages an effective visualization approach Control Flow Graph (CFG) to present a function execution. In addition, three widely-used models for resilience analysis (i.e., Y-Branch, IPAS, and TRIDENT) are seamlessly embedded into the framework for resilience analysis and result comparison. Case studies have been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed framework VISILIENCE.

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