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xDSL: A Common Compiler Ecosystem for Domain Specific Languages

Authors: Nick Brown (Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC), University of Edinburgh)

Abstract: Writing software that can exploit supercomputers is difficult, and this is going to get much harder as we move toward exascale where the scale and heterogenity of our machines will increase significantly. A potential solution is in the use of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) which separate the programmer's logic from mechanisms of parallelism. However, while these have shown promise, a major challenge is that DSL toolchains are often siloed, sharing little or no infrastructure between DSLs.

In this poster, we present xDSL which is an ecosystem for DSL development. Built upon the hugely popular LLVM and MLIR, xDSL provides a Python-based toolbox to ease integration with MLIR, and a series of IR dialects and transformations that DSL developers can apply. The result is that that DSLs become a thin layer of abstraction atop a common, well supported, mature and maintained ecosystem that targets a variety of hardware architectures.

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