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Modeling Allocation of Heterogeneous Storage Resources on HPC Systems

Authors: Julien Monniot, François Tessier, and Gabriel Antoniu (French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA))

Abstract: In recent years, despite remarkable progress in computing and network performance, HPC platforms have struggled to maintain satisfactory I/O throughput. Various solutions have been proposed to mitigate the contention and variability experienced by more and more concurrent applications, particularly on heavily shared parallel file systems. In consequence, many large scale platforms now offer complex hierarchies of storage resources using diverse architectures based on different hardware technologies such as persistent memories or flash. In that context, we propose to study how to efficiently allocate these heterogeneous storage resources. In our poster, we introduce StorAlloc, a modular and extensible simulator of a storage-aware job-scheduler. We present the design of the tool before showing through the concrete example of the dimensioning of a partition of burst buffers the insights StorAlloc can provide in terms of storage system design and resource scheduling algorithms.

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