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SFS: Smart OS Scheduling for Serverless Functions

Authors: Yuqi Fu (University of Virginia), Liu Li (George Mason University (GMU)), Haoliang Wang (Adobe Research), Yue Cheng (University of Virginia), and Songqing Chen (George Mason University (GMU))

Abstract: Serverless computing enables a new way of building and scaling cloud applications by allowing developers to write fine-grained cloud functions. However, under resource contention, function execution duration may be prolonged and fail to accurately account for the true resource usage. Our experiments show that the OS scheduling policy of servers can have a crucial impact on performance. The default Linux scheduler, CFS, frequently context-switches short functions, causing a much longer turnaround time.

We propose SFS (Smarter Function Scheduler), which works entirely in the user space and carefully orchestrates existing Linux FIFO and CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) schedulers to approximate Shortest Remaining Time First (SRTF). SFS seamlessly combines a new FILTER policy with Linux CFS, to trade-off increased duration of long functions for significant performance improvement for short functions. Evaluation results show that significantly improves short functions' duration with a small impact on relatively longer functions, compared to CFS.

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