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Study of Workload Interference with Intelligent Routing on Dragonfly

Authors: Yao Kang, Xin Wang, and Zhiling Lan (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Abstract: Dragonfly interconnect is a crucial network technology for supercomputers. To support exascale systems, network resources are shared such that links and routers are not dedicated to any node pair. While link utilization is increased, workload performance is often offset by network contention. Recently, intelligent routing built on reinforcement learning demonstrates higher network throughput with lower packet latency. However, its effectiveness in reducing workload interference is unknown. In this work, we present extensive network simulations to study multi-workload contention under different routing mechanisms, intelligent routing and adaptive routing, on a large-scale Dragonfly system.

We develop an enhanced network simulation toolkit, along with a suite of workloads with distinctive communication patterns. We also present two metrics to characterize application communication intensity. Our analysis focuses on examining how different workloads interfere with each other under different routing mechanisms by inspecting both application-level and network-level metrics. Several key insights are made from the analysis.

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