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DayDream: Executing Dynamic Scientific Workflows on Serverless Platforms with Hot Starts

Authors: Rohan Basu Roy, Tirthak Patel, and Devesh Tiwari (Northeastern University)

Abstract: HPC applications are increasingly being designed as dynamic workflows for the ease of development and scaling. This work demonstrates how the serverless computing model can be leveraged for efficient execution of complex, real-world scientific workflows, although serverless computing was not originally designed for executing scientific workflows. This work characterizes, quantifies, and improves the execution of three real-world, complex, dynamic scientific workflows: ExaFEL (workflow for investigating the molecular structures via X-Ray diffraction), Cosmoscout-VR (workflow for large scale virtual reality simulation), and Core Cosmology Library (a cosmology workflow for investigating dark matter). The proposed technique, DayDream, employs the hot start mechanism for warming up the components of the workflows by decoupling the runtime environment from the component function code to mitigate cold start overhead. DayDream optimizes the service time and service cost jointly to reduce the service time by 45% and service cost by 23% over the state-of-the-art HPC workload manager.

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