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Analysis of Validating and Verifying OpenACC Compilers 3.0 and Above

Student: Aaron M. Jarmusch (University of Delaware), Aaron Liu (University of Delaware)
Supervisor: Sunita Chandrasekaran (University of Delaware, Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Abstract: OpenACC is a high-level directive-based parallel programming model that can manage the sophistication of heterogeneity in architectures and abstract it from the users. The portability of the model across CPUs and accelerators has gained the model a wide variety of users. This means it is also crucial to analyze the reliability of the compilers' implementations. To address this challenge, the OpenACC Validation and Verification team has proposed a validation testsuite to verify the OpenACC implementations across various compilers with an infrastructure for a more streamlined execution. This paper will cover the following aspects: (a) the new developments since the last publication on the tetsuite, (b) outline the use of the infrastructure, (c) discuss tests that highlight our workflow process, (d) analyze the results from executing the testsuite on various systems, and (e) outline future developments.

ACM-SRC Semi-Finalist: yes

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