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25th Graph500 List

Authors: Anton Korzh (NVIDIA Corporation), Richard Murphy (Gem State Informatics Inc), Peter Kogge (University of Notre Dame), David Bader (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Torsten Hoefler (ETH Zürich)

Abstract: Data intensive supercomputer applications are increasingly important workloads, especially for “Big Data” problems, but are ill suited for most of today’s computing platforms (at any scale!). The Graph500 list has grown to over 328 entries and has demonstrated the challenges of even simple analytics. The new SSSP kernel introduced at SC17 has increased the benchmark’s overall difficulty. This BoF will unveil the latest Graph500 lists, provide in-depth analysis of the kernels and machines, and enhance the new energy metrics the Green Graph500. It will offer a forum for community and provide a rallying point for data intensive supercomputing problems.

Long Description: The first Graph500 list originated at SC10. We would like to return to SC post-COVId and expect attendance of 50-75 people. We use the BoF time to generate feedback and collaboration with the community, and allow participants to provide brief presentations about their implementations and novel software and hardware features.


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