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OpenMP API - Present and Future

Authors: Michael Klemm (OpenMP Architecture Review Board, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Inc), Simon McIntosh-Smith (University of Bristol)

Abstract: In this highly interactive BoF, attendees will get first-hand information from OpenMP implementors and language designers on the planned features of the upcoming OpenMP API version 6.0. Through a series of lighting talks and discussion rounds, BoF participants will interact and have amble opportunity with these different groups of OpenMP experts, ask questions, and provide their feedback.

The leaders of the OpenMP ARB will provide insight into the future of OpenMP, from the 5.2 specification released in Nov'21 and beyond to OpenMP 6.0. Vendor representatives will discuss support and timelines for OpenMP features and expert users will describe their journey.

Long Description: The OpenMP API is among the most widely-used parallel programming models in HPC and is the oldest industry standard for parallel programming with compiler directives. As in previous years, the OpenMP BOF will inform the audience about trends, implementations, and best practices while providing an interactive discussion for beginners and experts alike. The session is split in two conceptual parts concluded by the open floor discussion known from previous years. As we have reached the era of exascale using GPU accelerated systems, the BOF will have a special focus on OpenMP accelerator programming for current and upcoming GPU HPC machines.

In the first part, OpenMP implementors will report out on the current status of their implementation and support for OpenMP API versions up to 5.2. The audience will be informed about feature support and timelines through the various toolchains. A Q&A round will follow to provide them with more specific information and give the attendees a chance to provide feedback.

In the section part, OpenMP language committee members will provide insight into the planned new features for the OpenMP API version 6.0. Through short presentations of OpenMP ARB representatives attendees will get an understanding of the improvements that version 6.0 will bring before they get the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the standardization.

The BOF will, as in previous years, end with an open floor discussion that invites everyone to provide feedback or ask questions about OpenMP, not limited to the topics featured before. The presentation time and Q&A time is balanced such that there will amble time and opportunity for the attendees to interact with the vendor and ARB representatives present.

Goal: Our goal is to both educate our users on the latest developments in the OpenMP specification and the implementations from our vendor members and also to solicit feedback from our developers on future specification development and organizational direction. This BOF is historically one of our primary means to communicate directly between our user base and our members.

Format & Readiness for Virtual/hybrid: Should SC22 opt for a hybrid format, we will be adapting our usual BOF format to encourage interactivity from a virtual audience. We will hereby heavily benefit from our experience hosting a fully virtual SC BOF at SC20. We will use online survey tools to encourage virtual participants to give live feedback that we will integrate into the discussions with our virtual panelists. Additionally, we will allow virtual participants to ask questions and provide feedback both in written and in a call-in format.

Relevance: The OpenMP API has a very long history with the HPC community and the Supercomputing conference series. OpenMP is among the most widely-known programming models in HPC, supported by many of the vendors and institutions that frequent the conference. The BOF is consistently well-attended and one of the most important events to the OpenMP community.


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