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The BeeGFS Community BoF at SC – Where Performance Matters !!

Authors: Philipp Falk (ThinkParQ, Germany), Manisha Salve (ThinkParQ, Germany), Dan Stanzione (Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)), James Burton (Clemson University), Frank Herold (ThinkParQ, Germany)

Abstract: The BeeGFS Community BoF at SC, “Where Performance Matters” will be guided by the BeeGFS Research and Development team. This interactive BoF session will bring together the HPC and BeeGFS community to openly discuss the challenges, future goals, opportunities, and industry requirements for file systems, along with the general product direction and product feature request.

Attendees will also hear from BeeGFS users who will provide an overview of their BeeGFS use case scenario, a comparison to, and of other parallel file systems, along with their installation and configuration experience.

Long Description: As one of the leading parallel cluster file systems, BeeGFS is developed on a ‘Publicly Available Source Code’ development model with a strong focus on performance and is designed for very easy installation and management.

Following on from the previous year’s success of BeeGFS BoF sessions at SC, the BeeGFS community BoF session is aimed at attracting the BeeGFS Community (consisting of end-users, administrators, developers, and solution providers) along with anyone with an interest in high performance parallel storage. The session is also targeted at enterprises looking for parallel file systems as their entry into HPC storage or as a scalable alternative to their existing proprietary HPC storage systems.

Along with bringing the community together to connect, share experiences and provide an update of the product roadmap and new features, the main objective of the BoF session is to connect with the community, and help prioritize future feature requests that users require in the future product releases. The speakers will achieve this by engaging with the audience throughout the BoF session with open discussions and live voting in the room for specific features and functions. This will provide the R&D team with insight into what the community requires and how BeeGFS can be improved going forward.

Attendees will also be encouraged to scan a barcode when entering the session / download a link posted on the screen and complete an engineering features questionnaire - that will also be available online. The results will be published the week following ISC.

BeeGFS currently holds 10% market share of parallel file systems in academic / non profit research, and is trusted and used to accelerate some of the world's fastest supercomputers. Over the years BeeGFS has strived its way to become the leading parallel file systems of choice where performance matters.


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