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Engaging with the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program

Authors: Kevin Newmeyer (DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)), Leslie Leonard (DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program)

Abstract: The DoD has invested significant time and funding to support a large base of users on a variety of HPC-backed projects. This BoF will use lightning talks about current research, technology acquisition plans, and software development needs and interests to illustrate DoD goals and opportunities for engagement. These lightning talks are intended to help external organizations and researchers connect with DoD users and sites to encourage partnerships and help solve problems. External engagement will help DoD users and HPC sites grow expertise and connect to the larger HPC community.

Long Description: The DoD has invested significant time and funding to support a large base of users and HPC-backed projects for the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Defense Agencies. With basic and applied research happening in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Chemistry, CFD, FEA/FEM, Hypersonics, and Space-based awareness, keeping internal users and external partners current on DoD thrusts and plans is difficult. This BoF is an opportunity to connect the DoD HPC leadership and userbase with the larger community in an informal setting. Stronger internal and external lines of communication will keep the DoD up-to-date on recent advances and will keep industry partners and external researchers current on DoD priorities and opportunities. New technologies can have a large impact on existing applications and research thrusts, but the domain-specific groups may not have the knowledge or ability to get started using the new technologies. This forum is an opportunity to connect internal and external experts to accelerate innovation and to find solutions to the pressing issues facing DoD HPC. By giving external organizations insight into DoD priorities, new partnerships, research, and funding opportunities may arise. We plan to discus our new R&D Network DREN 4 and the new capabilities it will bring as well as our Workforce Development goals, software and hardware interests, and how to maximize the effectiveness of HPC for DoD applications. The outcome of this BoF will be a report to the DoD HPCMP leadership summarizing the discussions and potential opportunities. At the leadership team’s discretion this report may be published for consumption by a wider audience and included in HPCMP leadership presentations to internal and external groups. The intended audience for the BoF is DoD users, other federal government employees, current and potential industry and academic partners, and external researchers whose work may benefit from collaboration with the DoD. Topics of discussion may include GPUs, Machine Learning, Cloud, application portability, performance portability, parallel programming, performance optimization, future hardware needs, and networking.


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