Patricia Grubel is a scientific staff member in the Applied Computer Science group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She leads the Build and Execute Environment (BEE) project, a workflow orchestration system for scientific simulations. Research interests include improving scientific workflows on High Performance Computer and Cloud infrastructures, software engineering for sustainability and reliability, future architectures, and benchmarking and profiling scientific applications on leading-edge architectures. Pat earned a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering followed by thirteen years of professional engineering experience, working for the Department of Defense and industry before taking time off to care for family. During her "break" she was a community college instructor and tutor. Due to her passion for engineering and software development, she urged many students to pursue careers in STEM. Her interest in STEM continued, earning a doctorate in Computer and Electrical Engineering, specializing in computer architecture from New Mexico State University in 2016.
Computational Science
Productivity Tools
Software Engineering
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