Paweł Gepner is a Senior Hardware and Systems Field Application Engineer at Graphcore specialising in the convergence of Machine Learning and HPC platforms. Prior to Graphcore, Pawel spent 24 years at Intel Corporation as a Platform System Architect. He was responsible for the development and design of future server platforms and HPC systems at Intel’s leading partners. During his time at Intel, he led the development team for the first teraflop computing projects in Europe and first Itanium 2 teraflop installations. He advanced many of their HPC projects including TASK, SKODA, VW, CERN and many others. Pawel graduated in Computer Science and holds a PhD from Warsaw University of Technology and a DSc-Habilitation in High-Performance Computing from Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland. He has written 60 technical papers on Computer Science and Technology. He is also a board member and technology advisor for multiple international scientific and commercial HPC projects.
Chair of Sessions
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