Bilel Hadri is a Computational Scientist at the Supercomputing Core Lab at KAUST since July 2013. He contributes in benchmarking and performance optimization, helps in systems procurements, upgrades, and provides regular training to users. He received his Masters in Applied Mathematics and his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Houston in 2008. He joined the National Institute for Computational Science at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a computational scientist in December 2009 following a Postdoctoral Position in June 2008 at the University of Tennessee Innovative Computing Laboratory led by Dr. Jack Dongarra. His expertise areas include performance analysis, tuning and optimization, System Utilization Analysis, Monitoring and Library Tracking Usage, Porting and Optimizing Scientific Applications on Accelerator Architectures (NVIDIA GPUs, Intel Xeon Phi), Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis and Multicore Algorithms.
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