Aniello Esposito works as a senior research engineer in the EMEA research lab at HPE, where he is responsible for the center of excellence collaboration with KAUST (Saudi Arabia) among other activities in the field of supercomputing and is also involved in pre-sales as an expert application analyst for European procurements.

Aniello studied physics at ETH Zurich, followed by a PhD on simulation of semiconductor devices and postdoctoral research in computational microscopy. He joined Cray as an application analyst at the HLRS in Stuttgart (Germany), where he supported users of the Cray systems and organized workshops in various European sites and eventually joined the Cray EMEA research lab. His expertise and interests reside in the development and optimization of scientific applications for supercomputers ranging from state-of-the-art numerical approaches to emerging areas such as machine learning and AI.
Reliability and Resiliency
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