Wu Feng is a Professor of Computer Science at Virginia Tech (VT), where he directs the Synergy Lab (, NSF Center for Space, High-Performance, and Resilient Computing ( at VT, and Synergistic Environments for Experimental Computing Center ( He also holds appointments in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Health Sciences, and Biomedical Engineering & Mechanics. His research encompasses parallel and distributed computing, with the goal of enabling scientists and engineers to focus on their science and engineering rather than on the computer science and engineering. He is is perhaps best known for his research in energy-efficient computing, including Green Destiny in 2001-2002, energy-efficient supercomputing via software at SC in 2005, the co-founding of The Green500 List in 2006, and "The Green Computing Book: Tackling Energy Efficiency at Large Scale" ( and a worldwide commercial on his research on biocomputing in the cloud, courtesy of the Microsoft Cloud ( and
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