Michael Matheson is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Utah. He worked in Industry in Aerospace and in computing for IBM, and SGI/Cray. He has been a senior researcher of the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) since 2009. His background allowed him to successfully support Secretary of Energy Chu's RAMGEN project for Carbon Capture. His visualization work has been seen in various venues including the Supercomputing Conference and in media on Discovery and CNN. He has been involved with the R/pbdR efforts at ORNL and was instrumental in initial deep learning efforts on Titan and Summit. His research interests include methods at scale and delivering performance on large scale systems. In 2018, he received the 2018 ACM Gordon Bell award for Deep Learning applied to science problems. As part of the OLCF HPL-AI team, developed a benchmark implementation that delivered world-record performance on Frontier of 6.86 Exaflops.
ACM Gordon Bell COVID Finalist
ACM Gordon Bell Finalist
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