Alice Koniges is a member of the graduate faculty in Information and Computer Science at University of Hawai’i. She has a passion for practical demonstrations of the utility of High Performance Computing (HPC). She is associate editor of International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, and has two books, "Industrial Strength Parallel Computing" and "OpenMP Common Core." She has mentored many post-docs and graduate students and is the first woman to receive a PhD in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Princeton University. She is principal investigator on research grants from US National Science Foundation, Department of Energy and Department of Defense. Dr. Koniges is Chief Architect for the PISALE (Pacific Island Structured-amr with ALE) code that models plasma and fluids, including unique applications relevant to the Hawaiian Islands. Alice previously was at Berkeley and Livermore National Laboratories, and also held joint appointments with UC Berkeley and UCLA.
Directive Based Programming
Parallel Programming Languages and Models
Productivity Tools
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