Professor Connor is a pathogen genome biologist and bioinformatician who has published high profile publications in internationally renowned journals including Science, Nature, Cell and others. His work has been cited more than 14,000 times, and is founded upon the use of high performance computing to answer biological questions of importance to public health.

Since 2016, Professor Connor has lead the development of clinical genomics services in healthcare, building real-time services ranging from local outbreak response to national modelling and pandemic planning.

These services are underpinned by an extensive computational infrastructure including the national MRC CLoud Infrastructure for Microbial Bioinformatics (CLIMB). CLIMB has provided capacity to support the UK national COVID-19 Genomics effort in the UK since March 2020. CLIMB has handled the processing and sharing of over 3 million SARS-CoV-2 genomes to date, and reanalyses the complete global dataset of more than 10 million genomes every 24 hours.
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