Vassil Alexandrov is a Chief Science Officer at Hartree Centre, STFC, UK, since March 2019. Previously he was an ICREA Research Professor in Computational Science, Barcelona, Spain (September 2010-March 2019) and the Extreme Computing group leader at BSC, Spain (September 2010 - December 2018). He holds an MSc degree in Applied Mathematics from Moscow State University, Russia (1984) and a PhD degree in Parallel Computing from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1995). He has held previous positions at the University of Liverpool, UK (1994-1999), the University of Reading, UK (School of Systems Engineering, 1999-2010, as a Professor of Computational Science, and as the Director of the Centre for Advanced Computing and Emerging Technologies until July 2010). For the period January 2015 - January 2018 he was also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Monterrey Tech.

His expertise and main research interests are in the area of Data and Computational Science encompassing research methods and algorithms for Data and Compute Intensive Science. In particular, the emphasis is on novel scalable stochastic and hybrid mathematical methods and algorithms such as scalable hybrid Monte Carlo algorithms for variety of supercomputing architectures for Linear Algebra, Optimization, Computational Finance, Environmental Models, Computational Biology etc. as well as scalable, fault-tolerant and resilient algorithms for petascale architectures and the exascale computing paradigm. Until recently he led the Extreme Computing research group at BSC focusing on solving problems with uncertainty on large scale computing systems.

He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Computational Science (JOCS).
He has published over 130 papers in renowned refereed journals and international conferences and workshops in the area of his research expertise.
Accelerator-based Architectures
Data Analytics
In Situ Processing
Scientific Computing
Chair of Sessions
Exascale Computing
Extreme Scale Computing
Heterogeneous Systems
Post-Moore Computing
Quantum Computing
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