Sri Priya Ponnapalli
Priya Ponnapalli is a senior director of engineering at Google, where she is responsible for building machine learning (ML) -powered products and innovation for everyone, from research to production. Prior to this, Priya was a director of applied science at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where she led the Amazon ML Solutions Lab, a global organization that works with AWS's largest and most strategic customers to solve their business needs using ML across all industries: from improving fan engagement for sports organizations such as the National Football League and Formula 1, to accelerating drug discovery for healthcare and life sciences customers such as Janssen. Priya joined AWS from Eigengene, a personalized-medicine startup she co-founded. Priya was named to the 2021 Business Insider list of 100 People Transforming Business, recognizing her work in leading companies into the ML landscape. For her PhD in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, Priya defined and demonstrated the higher-order generalized singular value decomposition (HO GSVD), a multi-tensor decomposition, and the only framework that can create a single coherent model from multiple two-dimensional datasets by extending the GSVD from two to more than two matrices.
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