Bogdan Nicolae is a Computer Scientist with Argonne National Laboratory (Chicago, USA) and Research Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, USA). He specializes in scalable storage, data management and fault tolerance for large scale distributed systems, in particular at the intersection of high performance computing, big data analytics and artificial intelligence. He is interested by and authored numerous papers in areas such as checkpoint-restart, state capture and migration, data and metadata decentralization and high availability, concurrency control in data management, multi-versioning and historic access, declarative data models, live migration. He is a regular PC member and participates in the organization of major international conferences around parallel and distributed systems: SC, IPDPS, HPDC, CCGrid, CLUSTER, ICS, HIPC, ICDCS, ICPP, EuroPar, EuroMPI, etc. He is a regular reviewer for journals such as: TPDS, JPDC, FGCS, PARCO, TC, TCC, IJHPCA.
Cloud and Distributed Computing
In Situ Processing
Scientific Computing
Chair of Sessions
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