Dr. Prasanna Date (Pras) is a research scientist in the Beyond Moore Computing group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research interests span several areas like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, quantum computing and neuromorphic computing. He explores AI and machine learning techniques on quantum and neuromorphic computers such as D-Wave 2000Q, IBM Q and Intel Loihi. He has developed quantum machine learning techniques that are an order of magnitude faster than their classical counterparts, and also developed an efficient embedding algorithm for the D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer. He has led seminal research work such as proving the Turing completeness of neuromorphic computing and laying the foundations for the computability and complexity theory for neuromorphic computing.

Pras received his PhD and MS in Computer Science as well as MEng in Industrial Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY in 2019. He received his BE in Manufacturing Engineering from BITS Pilani, India in 2014. As part of his PhD, he developed a novel Combinatorial Neural Network Training Algorithm (CoNNTrA) for training spiking neural networks on neuromorphic systems like IBM TrueNorth under the supervision of Prof. Chris Carothers. He is a member of AAAI, ACM, APS, IEEE, INFORMS and SIAM.
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