Dr. John D. Davis (male) has published over 30 refereed conference and journal papers in Computer Architecture (ASIC and FPGA-based domain-specific accelerators, non-volatile memories and processor design), Distributed Systems, and Bioinformatics. He also holds over 35 issued/pending patents in the USA and Europe. He has designed and built distributed storage systems in research and as products. John has led the entire product strategy, roadmap, and execution for a big data and analytics company. He has worked at Microsoft Research, where he also co-advised 4 PhDs, and Sun Microsystems and Pure Storage. John holds a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.. At BSC, John leads the MEEP project. John is the founder and chair of the RISC-V SIG-HPC. John is the technical leader of the eProcesor, the European PILOT and several industrial research collaborations, all centered around a full open source ecosystem from software down to hardware, open source processors, and accelerators.
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