Bradley Settlemyer
Brad Settlemyer is a principal researcher in NVIDIA Networking's Advanced Technology group. Before coming to NVIDIA he led the storage systems research efforts within Los Alamos National Laboratory's Ultrascale Research Center. Prior to Los Alamos he was a research scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He received his Ph.D in computer engineering from Clemson University in 2009. He has led storage projects including Exascale file system design and DNA-based storage systems, and has published papers on file systems, long distance data transfers, system modeling, and storage system algorithms. His work has been featured in popular media, in 2019 his team won an R&D100 award for their work on the DeltaFS Exascale File System, in 2020 their work on computational storage was recognized with a Government Innovation Award, and in 2021 he won an R&D100 award for encoding digital data into DNA molecules using ADS Codex.
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