My background is in theoretical particle physics in the field of Lattice QCD. My PhD work involved developing techniques for combining multiple lattice calculations to obtain results in the continuum limit, infinite volume and at physical pion masses. Over the past decade my primary research focus has been the first-principles lattice calculations of direct CP violation in kaon decays. As a computational discipline my work has involved developing and optimizing for a number of supercomputer installations including Mira (IBM BlueGene/Q), Cori (Intel KNL), Summit and Perlmutter (NVidia GPU). I also worked directly with Intel in a codesign effort to explore new architectures for exascale systems. Since joining BNL's Computational Science Initiative, my focus has been on developing and optimizing lattice codes for exascale architectures. I am also the lead developer of Chimbuko, a performance monitoring tool for workflows running at large scale on supercomputers.
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