Raül Sirvent has a PhD. degree in Computer Science at the Computer Architecture Department (UPC, 2009). He has been involved in research activities at the European Center of Parallelism of Barcelona (CEPBA) from 2002 to 2005. Since year 2005 he holds a permanent position at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center inside the Computer Sciences department, Workflows and Distributed Computing group.

His main research interests are related to High Performance Computing programming models, deployment, dynamic resource management and scheduling, as well as Grid and Cloud programming models and tools, automatic workflow generation, fault tolerance mechanisms and data provenance. He has been involved in FP6 projects CoreGRID, BEinGRID, and BREIN; FP7 projects OPTIMIS, transPLANT, ASCETiC and HBP (RU and SGA-1 phases); H2020 projects HPB-SGA-2, HPCEuropa3, I-BiDaaS, QUAKE (as coordinator); the spanish projects NUBA and AMIGA4GAS; and one of the founders of the GRID superscalar project (the root of the COMPSs Programming Model).

He has also acted as EU-ICT project proposals evaluator, has been invited to a number of venues as speaker, has been referee of renowned journals and has acted as Organising and Program Committee of renowned conferences.
Cloud and Distributed Computing
In Situ Processing
Scientific Computing
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