Dr. Daniel Ernst is currently a Principal Architect in Microsoft's Azure Hardware Architecture team, which is responsible for long-range technology pathfinding for future Azure Cloud systems. Within AHA, Dan leads the team responsible for future memory systems. This team investigates future architecture directions for Azure and serves as the primary architecture contact point in technical relationships with compute, memory, and device partners, as well as the primary driver of Microsoft’s memory standards activity.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Dan spent 10 years at Cray/HPE, most recently as a Distinguished Technologist in the HPC Advanced Technology team. While at Cray, Dan led multiple customer-visible collaborative pathfinding investigations into future HPC architectures and was part of the team that architected the Department of Energy’s Frontier and El Capitan Exascale systems.

Dan has served as part of multiple industry standards bodies throughout his career, including JEDEC, the CXL and CCIX consortia, and as a founding Board of Directors member of the Gen-Z Consortium.

Dan received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan, where he studied high-performance, low-power, and fault-tolerant microarchitectures. He also holds an MSE from Michigan and a BS in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University.
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