Venkat Bala
Venkat is a High Performance Computing Engineer at Agnostiq, where he is working on developing/optimizing Covalent, in particular integrating Covalent with traditional HPC languages such as C/C++/Fortran and Julia. He is also working on making Covalent compatible with different cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP) by writing custom executors and infrastructure provisioning scripts via Terraform and Packer. Venkat completed his Ph.D. in Computational Physics and Applied Mathematics from Western University with a specialization in high-performance scientific computing. Venkat studied the non-equilibrium dynamics of polymer chains in shear flows near surfaces using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations as well as the properties of polymer nanocomposites. Venkat enjoys programming and looks to actively contribute to several open source projects such as LAMMPS as well as maintain several projects of his own in his spare time.
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