Michael Wong is the Distinguished Engineer at Codeplay Software. He is the Chair of RISC V Datacenter/Cloud Computing and is the Khronos Chair for SYCL and AUTOSAR liaison. He is a current Director and VP of, and a senior member of the C++ Standards Committee with 25 years of experience. He is a member of the ++ Directions Group. He chairs the WG21 SG19 Machine Learning and SG14 Games Development/Low Latency/Financials C++ groups and is the co-author of a number of C++/OpenMP/Transactional Memory features.. Previously, he was CEO of OpenMP and the Technical Strategy Architect for IBM compilers. He has helped deliver Petascale systems ASCII, BlueGene, SUMMIT, SEQUOIA and is currently involved with delivery on exascale systems AURORA, Perlmutter, Frontier, and LUMI. His current interest is High Performance computing, Programming Models, ML/AI and Safety of Autonomous Driving.
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