Clay Hughes is a Principal Member of Technical Staff in the Scalable Computer Architecture group at Sandia National Laboratories. His responsibilities include support for co-design activities using the Structural Simulation Toolkit (SST) and the Heterogeneous Advanced Architecture Platforms. He is heavily involved in the Exascale Computing Project with PathForward and Hardware Technology. His background includes work on modeling advanced node architectures including hardware transactional memory; spatial accelerators; development of dynamic power control and run-time scheduling systems; development of a program-less input methodology for binary synthesis to study transactional memory; and the development of methods to reduce the simulation time for multi-threaded programs. Before joining Sandia, Clay was an Associate Teaching Professor at Florida State University where he supervised M.S. students, taught undergraduate and graduate courses in computer architecture, ARM and MIPS assembly, real-time systems, and developed new courses in computer system design and embedded systems.
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