Chen Jianhai, Ph.D., associate professor, College of Computer Science, Zhejiang University. Intelligent computing & system, College of Computer Science, Zhejiang University, the head of the laboratory (Incas - lab) blockchain, network privacy system lab, zhejiang university (NESA - lab), head of the joint, is super team, zhejiang university (ZJU SPC), IEEE, ACM, CCF, member of CCF block chain professional committee, a visiting scholar in university of science and technology, Australia.

The research involves cloud computing, supercomputing and block chain, specializing in block chain security, cloud computing scheduling, supercomputing application optimization, approximate algorithm game theory, artificial intelligence data mining, etc. Currently, I have undertaken 3 sub-projects of the key research and development programs of block chain and high performance computing at the provincial and ministerial levels, participated in the completion of a number of national ministry of science and technology support programs, national natural science foundation of China and enterprise cooperation projects. He has published more than 20 SCI/EI papers in important international academic conferences and journals such as INFOCOM, ICDE, AAAI, TDSC, CCS, IEEE T ON CYB, MICPRO, FGCS and AINA, applied for more than 40 authorized patents, granted 14, and won 1 soft award, ranking 31st in the global block chain patent 100 list.

It won the first prize of zhejiang higher education teaching achievement award in 2016 and the second prize of national higher education teaching achievement award in 2018. As the head coach, led the super computer team of zhejiang university to win the first prize in the final of ASC world undergraduate supercomputer competition for four consecutive sessions from 2014 to 2016 and 2018, and won the champion award of 2016 world highest Linpack computing performance, breaking the world record of world highest computing performance. The 'canke team of the academy of sciences of zhejiang university' under my guidance won the silver prize of the application group of the 2019 national parallel application development competition, the Designer project under my guidance won the first prize of the 2018 Xunlei Blockchain application development competition, and the Tako intelligent contract online service system under my guidance won the silver prize of the 5th CCB cup Internet + innovation and entrepreneurship competition in 2019.
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