Ravi Madduri is a computer scientist in the Data Science and Learning division at Argonne National Laboratory and at the University of Chicago Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering. He is an innovation fellow at the Polsky Center of Entrepreneurship at University of Chicago. Ravi led several successful large projects in NSF, NIH and DOE. His research interests are in building sustainable, scalable services for science, reproducible research, development of Privacy-enhancing technologies, large-scale data management and analysis using AI and HPC. Ravi leads the DOE-funded PALISADE-X project that is developing the Argonne PPFL (APPFL) framework that uses differentially private (DP) algorithms for training federated learning (FL) models with the biomedical datasets from multiple organizations. Ravi plays an important role in applying large-scale data analysis, deep learning to problems in biology. For his work on the “Cancer Moonshot” project, he received the Department of Energy Secretary award in 2017.
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