Alex Iankoulski
Alex Iankoulski is a Principal Solutions Architect for Self-Managed Machine Learning at AWS. He is a Docker Captain who focuses on running ML and HPC workloads using containers. Alex is the author of the [Do framework]( which simplifies human-machine interaction. In his current role, he helps customers orchestrate and scale ML, AI, and Simulation workloads on AWS using container-powered cloud services. He holds a Masters degree in control systems from the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. In over 26 years of experience, Alex has worked on big challenges from combating climate change to democratizing AI and ML, making travel safer, healthcare better, and energy smarter. He has shared his work at conferences like DockerCon, GoogleNext, Microsoft Azure AI, KubeCon, and AWS re:Invent
Cloud and Distributed Computing
Productivity Tools
Resource Management and Scheduling
Software Engineering
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