Dr. Richard Murphy is co-founder and CEO of Gem State Informatics, an architect, strategist, and leader who drives research-based innovation to solve real-world problems. At Micron he served as the founding director of the advanced computing systems pathfinding group consisting of senior architects, collaborative partners in the private and public sector. His focus is creating data-centric platforms. This work resulted in changes in the JEDEC memory roadmap for HBM, and Micron’s storage products. His group delivered multiple first-of-a-kind prototypes, including one of the first 3DXP memory systems. Prior to Micron, he was a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, and a member of technical staff at SUN Microsystems. He has worked with both conventional and novel technologies, including advanced processors and accelerators, novel networking silicon photonics, emerging memory systems, cryogenic supercomputing systems, and advanced packaging.
Birds of a Feather
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