Sidharth Kumar is an Assistant Professor at the department of computer science at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His research interest lies in the field of High Performance data management. His research has led to the development of PIDX, a high performance I/O library that enables HPC applications to write distributed multi-dimensional data directly into a multi-resolution visualization appropriate data format with minimal overhead. PIDX tackles the scalability problems of parallel I/O while also bridging the gap between large-scale writes and analytics-appropriate reads. The I/O framework has shown scalability to 768K cores and has been deployed on some of the fastest supercomputers (Mira, Titan, Shaheen, Edison, Hopper) of the world. Sidharth finished his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Valerio Pascucci from University of Utah in 2015. He has published at top-tier HPC conferences such as SC, IPDPS, CCGrid, Cluster, HiPC and ISC. He also won the best research paper award at HiPC 2019 and the Hans Meuer Best research paper awards at ISC 2020.
Accelerator-based Architectures
Big Data
Data Analytics
Parallel Programming Languages and Models
Productivity Tools
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