Lynn Borkon provides leadership for collaboration development in predictive oncology, artificial intelligence, and cancer data science at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNL). With key stakeholders, she guides strategy for the predictive oncology community, Envisioning Computational Innovations in Cancer Challenges (ECICC), comprised of 200 organizations in academia, government, and industry, currently focusing on digital twin technologies for precision medicine and predictive radiation oncology. Lynn has co-organized novel events such as the Frontiers in Predictive Oncology and Computing meetings and the annual Computational Approaches for Cancer Workshop at SC. She provides leadership for cross-organization learning collaborations in cancer data science and co-developed the NCI Data Science Learning Exchange, a remote, virtual learning network that engaged more than 400 participants across NCI. In 2020, she led an FNL initiative to support the launch of the NIH Harnessing Data Science for Health Discovery, and Innovation in Africa (DS-I Africa) program.
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