Pavel Shamis
Pavel (Pasha) Shamis is a Senior Principal Research Engineer at Arm. His work is focused on co-design software and hardware building blocks for large-scale distributed systems. Before joining Arm, he spent six years at ORNL as a research scientist at Computer Science and Math Division. In this role, Pavel was responsible for the development of multiple projects in high-performance communication domains including Collective Communication Offload, OpenSHMEM, and Open Unified Communication X (UCX). Before joining ORNL, Pavel spent ten years at Mellanox Technologies, where he led the Mellanox HPC team and was one of the key drivers in the enablement of the Mellanox HPC software stack. Pavel is a board member of the UCF consortium and co-maintainer of Open UCX. He is a recipient of the 2015 R&D100 award for his contribution to the development CORE-Direct technology and the 2019 R&D100 award for the development of the Open UCX software framework.
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